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Convergence of inter-sectoral programmes with MGNREGA will enable better planning and effective investments in rural areas. Convergence also brings synergy between different government programmes and /or schemes in term of their planning, process and implementation. A Task Force has been set up to explore more comprehensive and effective possibilities and to review strategies of convergence, latent in MGNREGA Taskforce report

Government and non Government Organizations have scope to work in convergence with MGNREGA to create durable assets and generate Man days providing employments to the rural unemployed people as per MGNREGA Act. Since inception of the program, different Govt. Departments are engaged in convergence with MGNREGA program for activities & development in Jalpaiguri District. The under noted Government Departments (Line Departments) have actively participated so far in convergence with MGNREGA program for developmental activities.

Line Departments engaged with MGNREGA activities:
  • Agriculture & Soil Conservation
    1. Land Development
    2. Water Harvesting & Conservation
    3. Farm Development
  • Fishery
    1. Creation of fishery tank for Pisciculture
  • CADC, Falakata
    1. Creation of Areca nuts, Coconut, Black pepper and other horticultural nurseries and organizing different training programs.
  • KVK, Ramsai
    1. Creation of nursery, fodder cultivation, organizing training
  • Forest Department
    1. Nursery & plantation
    2. Water harvesting structure / Ponds
    3. Forest Roads
    4. Elephant proof trench
    5. Small irrigation
    6. Flood protection
  • DRDC
    1. Assistance to SHGs for creation of nursery
    2. Training
  • PMSY
    1. Construction and development of village roads
  • Irrigation and Waterways Department
    1. Flood protection works
In addition to above Departments we have also offered other Departments to participate for working under MGNREGA as per guideline for Convergence. These Departments are
Horticulture, Health Department, Education Department, District Industrial Centre ,Animal Resource Development, ITPA, WIDD, Dy Dir (Textile), SRD.
Guideline and Information
Sl No.   Click on the following links to download
17  IAY guideline in Bengali (21-08-2014)
16  Detail Rectified Estimate for IHHL
15  Instructions regarding Supervisors
14  Official approval for MGNREGA works at Tea Gardens
13  Detail Estimate of Earthwork for IHHL
12  Guideline for Construction of IHHL in convergence with MGNREGS & NBA
11  Convergence Guideline with PMGSY
10  Guidance Document for Non Forestry Activities in Wildlife Habitats
9  Go Green Project
8  Nijo Griho Nijo Bhumi
7  Clarification in Respect of Project by Line Dept.
6  Modification to Guidelines dt. 10-05-2012 for works relating sanitation
5  Guidelines for taking up work related to Sanitation
4  Convergence Scheme under NREGA
3  BNRGSK Guideline
2  Mid day Meal
1  Fisheries
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