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Management Information System (MIS)
Details of MIS
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02/07/2014 Entry of Aadhaar Number(UID) or Enrolment Number
06/02/2014 Urgent: Map NREGASoft codes with Census 2011 codes.
24/09/2013 Regional Rural Bank Branch Format
24/09/2013 Commercial Bank Format
24/09/2013 Co-operative Bank Format With IFSC Code
24/09/2013 Co-operative Bank Format Without IFSC Code
24/09/2013 Business Correspondent (BC) Model
24/09/2013 Information Required for Adding Vendor Details in MIS
11/06/2013 Accounts open for entering MIS data in NREGASoft(MIS) for the financial year 2012-13
03/06/2013 Information Required from the Vendor to Add Vendor Details in MIS Vide Memo No. 888(28)/MGNREGS Dated 03/06/2013
26/06/2012 [1063(32)/MGNREGA] Data Entry in MGNREGA for FY 2011-12.
27/03/2012 The Log Report for MIS Uploading
12/04/2012 Completion of MIS entry for the FY 2011-12.
27/03/2012 Payment of VLE Bill
21/03/2012 Data Entry through MGNREGA Soft
15/02/2012 Offline & Online Status of MIS Expenditure.
23/12/2011 BPL and RSBY information status in MIS under MGNREGA
14/02/2012 Status of uploading of MIS from 01-02-2012 to 10-02-2012 by the Gram Panchayat, Block & PS.
03/08/2010 Details of data uploaded under MGNREGA
23/12/2011 BPL and RSBY information status in MIS under MGNREGA
21/12/2011 Correction of Registration in MIS Software
12/12/2011 Computer Based Tutorial
05/12/2011 Provision for making entries beyond 100 days in MGNREGA
29/11/2011 Correction of Registration in MIS Software
31/10/2011 Speedy & regular submission of utilization certificatebased on MIS data uploading under MGNREGA
20/10/2011 MIS Uploading: Upload the expenditure report till 31st October, 2011 within 10th November, 2011.
20/10/2011 Requisition of fund for photo taking
09/08/2011 Activity
09/08/2011 MIS training
09/08/2011 Panchayat Code
09/08/2011 Village Code
17/05/2011 Travelling Expenses of VLE
18/03/2010 Engagement of VLE
31/12/2009 Data Entry Rate for VLEs under NREGS
12/06/2008 Guideline for VLE
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