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News from Media
News from Media
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25/02/2017 News report regarding AWC at Mantadari GP
20/09/2013 Social Audit at Banarhat-II (Echo of India)
20/09/2013 Social Audit at Banarhat-I (Echo of India)
20/09/2013 Jalpaiguri to Represent at TISS (Echo of India)
20/09/2013 Jalpaiguri Representing State at Mumbai (Uttar Banga Sambad)
20/09/2013 Jalpaiguri Representing State at Mumbai (Bartamaan)
20/09/2013 Social Audit in Jalpaiguri District
20/09/2013 Social Audit in GPS of Jalpaiguri District
19/09/2013 News on e-FMS in Jalpaiguri District
19/09/2013 News on Social Audit in Jalpaiguri District
14/08/2013 Facebook account made mandatory for MGNREGA Cells
15/01/2013 Success Stroy from Purba Kathalbari GP (APD I)
18/12/2012 Story from Purba Kanthalbari GP of Alipurduar-I Block.
19/09/2012 Social Audit Sloving Problems Related to Job Cards
19/09/2012 Social Audit at Jalpaiguri District
24/09/2012 Falakata in Anandabazar during September 2012
28/08/2012 Sanction Orders only through Internet for MGNREGA (100 days) works in Jalpaiguri District.
28/07/2012 Good Response in Social Audit under MGNREGS
23/03/2012 Social Audit at Matiali in Jalpaiguri District
17/03/2012 Socail Audit at Matiali Block in Jalpaiguri
17/03/2012 Social Audit Started at GPs in Jalpaiguri District
14/03/2012 Jalpaiguri is on top by creating highest number of accounts for MGNREGA workers in Post Offices.
06/12/2011 Advance Payment under MGNREGS on pilot basis
05/12/2011 Unwillingness of Dalmore TG workers for MGNREGS
03/12/2011 Primitive coins found during MGNREGS works
24/11/2011 Job Card Renewal at Matiali Block
12/11/2011 Women Participation
26/07/2011 Turturi FIR (APD II) 2011
26/07/2011 Falakata pond excavation irregularity
12/07/2011 Social Audit Salkumar I (APD I ) 2011
17/06/2011 Alipurduar II Nursery Raising
10/06/2011 Complaint Boalmari
17/09/2010 Nagrakata Nursery Raising
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